A mosquito might seem to be a tiny insect but it can do a lot of harm. It is a carrier of not just malaria, but dengue and similar other viruses. As summer arises, there is an increase in mosquitoes and so you are going to be bitten by them all the time. Instead of slapping, swatting and scratching, you are supposed to take measures for avoiding these bites because they can be lead to dangerous circumstances.

Do you know that studies show certain factors that make people more prone to mosquito bites? These people include the pregnant ladies, a person having high body temperature and the people having Type O blood. Before you become a victim of mosquito bite, there are some tips you can follow for avoiding the mosquito bites. These are definitely workable ways that can make you and your families stay away from them.

Use a mosquito repellent

Before leaving the house, it is always recommended to use mosquito repellent. Make sure it is chemical free. The repellents that work the best are the ones that contain DEET. The higher percentage of DEET the repellent contains, the longer it is going to last and work. Although it is safe for kids but it is not recommended for babies younger than 2 months. If you want to use something natural, then you should use lemon eucalyptus oil, because it works really well. You can also spray the repellent on your clothes.  

Stay away from standing water

Standing water is a home for mosquitoes to produce and stay so when you are outdoors, stay away from it. Empty water from the baby pools, buckets and even birdbaths because it can be a very great breeding ground for the mosquitoes. If you are camping, don’t ever choose a spot next to some pound otherwise you will be bothered by mosquitoes a lot.

Time your outings

If you don’t go outdoors during the daytime, you are never going to be bothered by any misquote. Make sure you are not out between dawn to dusk because this is the exact time when mosquitoes are at their peak. If it is necessary for you to be outside during this time, then make sure you are covered. Wear long sleeves and pants and use a bug spray so that you are fully protected.

Wear light colors

Do you know that dark colors attract insects? No wonder you are always bitten by mosquitoes. Replace your dark clothes with light colors or maybe white so that you become less attractive to them and they don’t bother you much. Dark colors are attractive because they appear as dark fur of the animals which normally mosquitoes love to prey on. You need to stop wearing dark colors if you want to avoid them especially while going out during the day-time.

Don’t smell like a flower

Flowery fragrances like that of rose can be another attractive item for mosquitoes. We all know that they have love for flower nectar so if you are going to smell like a flower, they would be attracted to you. Although the fragrance is not real but mosquitoes do tend to stick to it especially during the summer.

Honestly, staying at home does not necessarily mean that you are going to be protected from mosquito bite, there are plenty of chances you might be bitten by one at home too. In order to avoid this, you can use magnetic fly screens and DIY window screens to keep them outside, once they come inside, you can use the scanted lamps or other mosquito killing sprays at home. If there will be any mosquito, you will get rid of it and there won’t be any more of them to bother you or your family.

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