Step 1: Preparing For Installing

  • Before installing, make sure the surface of the door is clean.
  • If your door opens In, install on the OUTSIDE of the door frame.
  • If your door opens OUT, install on the INSIDE of the door frame

Step2: Install

how to install magnetic door screen

  • Make sure every magnet attached each other.
  • Peel the adhesive backing off of the hook and loop strips and apply to magic door screen.

how to install magic door screen


  • Take screen and hoop and loop apply to the center of door frame.

how to install magnetic door screens

  • Make sure the magnet aligned and connected in the center.

how to install magic insect screen


  • Leave the screen high enough so that the screen will not touch the ground.
  • If the frame made of plastic, use the hook and loop strips only.
  • For wooden frames, you may use the wood tacks provided.
  • Be aware that wood tacks leave puncture holes on the frame.
  • If magnets do not snap shut together, adjust the width positioning of the mesh.