Are you a hiking or camping enthusiast? If your answer is yes then you would probably be going for camping most of the time. Speaking of camping, what is the most annoying thing that bothers you? That would be the mosquitoes right? Is there any way you can keep them away from your camp? Well, yes there are ways you can do so. Here are some of them discussed below:


  • Choose a dry location

stand water


The camping location matters a lot. You must never choose the location where there is standing water. Mosquitos’ larvae tend to develop in water. If there is standing water nearby your camping location, you will find plenty of mosquitoes flying around. If you choose a campsite that is high and that is dry, you are going to find fewer mosquitos there.


  • Keep the doors of the tents closed


If you are going to camp at a bad campsite, your tent is going to be your only refuge. The best way to keep away from mosquitoes is to keep the screens and doors of your tent shut. Even if you are leaving for a second, you are supposed to shut the doors of the tent. Before entering, it is recommended to shake the tent so that you can remove the mosquitoes even if there are any around or inside the tent.


  • Use a waterproof mosquito repellent


If your repellent is not helping, you are never going to keep the mosquitoes away. You must be sure that you are using a waterproof bug repellent. If you sweat or use water, the repellent is going to wash away just like what happens in case of sunscreen. You must be sure you use a waterproof mosquito repellent.


  • Create a bonfire


The smoke of the bonfire is going to help in keeping the mosquitoes and pests away. Build a sustained bonfire so that you can be sure it does not go out of control. The mosquitoes and other bugs will be attracted to the light of the fire and when they will come closer, the heat and smoke will burn them and they will go away.

  • Be careful about the perfume and body spray you wear


Do you know that the way you smell attracts mosquitoes too? While going outside or camping, don’t cover yourself up with body spray or perfume from top to the bottom. But that does not mean you should not wear any scent at all. Human sweat also largely attracts mosquitoes so it is recommended to wear a little body spray. Be sure that you are not too much scented.

  • Pack up the right camping gears

 If you have packed up the right camping gears, it is going to save you from a lot of hell. Having a bug net can save you from mosquitoes too. If you want to take a nap then you can always cover yourself with the bug net and sleep tight.

The colors of your clothes also count when it comes to attracting the mosquitoes. Dark colors attract insects and that also includes the mosquitoes. Make sure you wear light colors like white so that you don’t become the center of attention for bugs. You can also take a bug spray with you to spray near your tent and even inside it so that if any mosquito sneaked inside, it is removed right away. Of course it would be impossible to completely keep the bugs away but with these tips you can certainly avoid them and keep yourself and others protected. You will have a nice time camping without worrying about the mosquitoes.

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