Do you know that babies tend to be bitten by mosquitoes and insects more often than adults? That is simply because babies are an easy prey, they don’t know if they are around any insect and they don’t know how to protect themselves from these insects. Although there is no way you can absolutely avoid the mosquito bites but they surely can be avoided.

Ways to avoid:

Here are some ways you can avoid mosquito bites in babies:

  • Make sure your child is dressed in light color clothes. Choose clothes in loose fitting so that you can cover their legs and arms easily.
  • The windows and doors of the house should be protected with mosquito proof mesh like magnetic fly screens and magnetic window screen, so that mosquitoes don’t come inside in the first place.
  • When you are taking your toddler outdoors, make sure the pram or the stroller is covered with mosquito proof netting otherwise your baby might be bothered by the bites very frequently.
  • While your baby sleeps, always use the baby crib mosquito net to keep away from mosquitoes.

The use of mosquito repellents

Yes, of course you can use mosquito repellent on your baby but you are supposed to observe some precautions. Here are some of them:

  • If your baby is under 2 months, don’t use any repellent because it is not safe for the child
  • Once your baby crosses the age of 2 months, it is safe to use a repellent but be sure that it contains only 10% of DEET.
  • Once your baby is 12 months old, you can start using the repellents that contain picaridin.
  • You can start using repellent containing PMD for the baby once he/she is 3 years old

Care to observe:

  • Don’t ever let your children apply repellent themselves
  • Avoid applying it near the eyes or mouth and keep your hands covered with repellent away from the eyes and mouth area too
  • Read the instructions carefully before applying the repellent on your baby

Do some house cleaning

The mosquitoes can attack your baby indoors too which means that you have to be careful in keeping the surrounding of your home clean. If you have flower vases, pet dishes or plants indoors, there will be mosquitoes indoors too. Stagnant water can also be a breed for the mosquitoes so you have to observe care. Make sure you don’t leave water in the containers or in the vase. Clean the water containers once in a week and scrub the sides of the container well so that if there are any mosquito eggs, they are washed away. Get rid of the dry leaves around the house and if there is any rain water nearby, get rid of it too. There should not be anything around the surrounding area of your house that can give a favorable situation to the mosquitoes to breed. You can also use the magnetic fly screens to keep away from potential mosquitoes.

Get a net

Baby mosquito nets are widely available these days, you can also get them from a baby shop. All you have to do is place the net around your baby while he/she is asleep. The mosquito will never bother your infant. These nets are available in large sizes as well so there will be enough room for your toddler to move. If you sleep with the baby, you can get a net as big the size of your bed. You can attach it to the bed at the night time but be sure there are no mosquitoes caught in the net. It would serve as a great source of protection for you and your baby. You will also have a peaceful sleep knowing that your toddler is safe from all kinds of bugs, not just mosquitoes.

Remember that a mosquito might be small but it carries viruses with it so do what you can to protect your baby from its bite.

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