Getting a bite on the eyelid is the meanest thing a mosquito can do to anyone. Eyes tend to puff up due to the fact that the area is sensitive. If it’s a child who has become the victim, he/she will not help but scratch and this tends to make the situation even worse.

Mosquito bite on the eyelids causes more swelling than any other area of the body because the skin is loose and sensitive. Even a little bite can cause so much swelling that it gets hard to shut the eye. The mosquito bite tends to create fluid accumulation on the eye. If you take a nap or lie down, you will see the eye even swollen more. The eyelid turns into a pale-pinkish color. The swelling is kind of soft, it’s like a water balloon and you even feel that your eyelid has become bouncy. The bite makes the eyelid itchy but it is not painful. Once the swelling is gone, you will see a red dot. It’s the spot where the mosquito actually bit you.

If you have been unfortunate and the mosquito has bit you on the eyelid, there is no need to panic. The easiest thing you can do is grab an icepack and cover your eyelid with it. This will reduce the swelling but it’s the not the actual treatment for the problem.

Here are some promising ways to treat the bug bite on the eyelid:


Aloe Vera Gel


Applying Aloe Vera Gel onto the eyelid can bring a soothing effect. It not just relieves the itching but swelling as well. With its anti-bacterial properties, Aloe Vera will even prevent the spread of infection. Make sure that you apply it as soon as possible because there are high chances of developing eye infection due to constant itching. Chilled gel is more beneficial if you are looking for fast relief.




If you are afraid of developing an allergic reaction due to the bite, it is recommended to take the Antihistamine medicine. Do consult your doctor before taking it because it has side effects like drowsiness.



Take one teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with one tablespoon of water. Take a soft and clean cloth and dip its edge into this mixture. Now apply it on the eyelid. This will reduce the swelling and provide relieve from the itch. In case you are using this treatment on a child, make him/her lie down and make sure the eyes are closed. It might take some time but it is certainly effective in bringing down the swelling.



Some doctors suggest taking Benadryl to reduce the allergic reaction. It is even safe for the infants. Improvements will be seen within a few hours of taking the syrup.



Applying toothpaste is also helpful. You can either apply it below the eye or on top of the swelling. After this, take an ice cube and hold it in place till the itch goes away. Apply Aloe Vera spray and keep your hands off the eye. This will provide you relief in not just itching but also reducing the swelling.


Do not panic if eyes swell up to a large extent after sleeping, this is normal because it happens due to fluid accumulation. Whatever remedy you are using, never allow any of them to drip into the eye, especially in case of children. The best approach is to use ice pack because it will address the swelling immediately. If the swelling does not go and infection is spread to the other eye as well, see the doctor as soon as possible.

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