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When you are outdoors, you have to be extra careful and wear repellents to stay away from the bites of mosquitoes. We can cover our body parts wearing pants and long sleeves but there is one thing that is hard to cover and it’s the face. It has been observed that women do not wear mosquito repellent on their faces just because they have to wear makeup.

If you have become a victim of the mosquito bite on the face, it would lead to swelling and itching. Nearly all people are allergic to mosquito bites but if you already have other allergies, your condition can be quite serious. Mosquitoes attack at the time of dawn or dusk. It is the female mosquitoes that feed on human blood, male mosquitoes are totally harmless, they feed on water and nectar.



The mosquito bite reaction even on the face can is not free from threats. Sometimes, the bite does not show any allergies but symptoms like rash, confusion, fatigue, fever, body aches, headache, nausea, light sensitivity and even neurological changes appear. In that case, contact the doctor immediately.


Home remedies for treating the bite

There are special ways to treat mosquito bites on face and reduce the itching and redness:

Wash your face


As soon as you are bit by the mosquito, wash the area with soap and water to be sure that the infection does not spread. Regular soap can be used for this purpose.

Apply ice


If it is swelling, immediately grab an ice and hold it against the bite for about 20 minutes. It will reduce the inflammation and provide itching relief.

Baking soda remedy


Make a paste of 1 teaspoon baking soda with some water and apply this paste on the mosquito bite. Let it settle there for 20 minutes.




There are some topical suggestions which can provide immediate relief if applied on the affected area. These include: toothpaste, bleach, hot tea bag, honey, mouthwash, vinegar, and nail polish.

Essential oils


Essential oils act as a workable remedy against treating facial mosquito bites. They are safe to use by teens and children alike. The best oils are tea tree oil, cedar oil, and lavender oil.

 More treatments


The truth is that even if you are covered, you will never be able to protect yourself from mosquito bites in all ways. If the reaction is normal, use calamine lotion for reducing the itching. However, if the allergic reaction is severe, then the following treatments might help:

  • Take an oral antihistamine
  • Use a topical anti itching lotion
  • Take a cool bath without using soap

Important note

  • If any of these remedies do not provide immediate relief, do not despair. You might have to wait for 2 to 3 applications for some remedies to work.
  • Itch is the reaction caused by the mosquito saliva which is left on the skin as it injects its feast into the blood. You may react to one bite or may not react to another. That’s because different mosquito species produce varying reactions.
  • If the swelling is large, don’t apply any of these treatments, rush to the doctor instead. This is strongly recommended in case of a child.

The outlook

Mosquito bites do not cause any long-term reaction or illness if they are managed in a proper way. Just be aware of them whenever you are going to out and take the measures that can keep you protected. Do not avoid wearing repellents on the face just because of makeup. You don’t just have to be careful while going out, you must take measures at home too because mosquitoes can be everywhere.


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