bedroom-sleepAt nighttime, all you wish for is a good night sleep after a hectic day at work. But there are some reasons why people cannot get to sleep and one of them is mosquito bites. Even if you have a single one in your bedroom, it is going to keep you awake all night. We all are sick and tired of mosquitoes attack… if you are too then have a look at some tips which will keep the mosquitoes away from your bedroom.

  • Use Mosquito Nets

Fix the mosquito net around your bed to keep the mosquitoes away from you while sleeping. This net is attached on the ceiling over your bed. At nighttime when you go to the bed, you can pull the net down and cover your entire bed with it. This will help prevent mosquitoes from attacking you at night and you can enjoy your sleep. In the morning, you can fold the net up and hang it. You must make sure that this net has no holes in it. This is one of the solutions to stop mosquitoes from bothering you in your bedroom.

  • Stop The Breeding

You must make sure that you stop these mosquitoes from breeding. Most of the time, the mosquitos lay eggs in fresh or stagnant water. The hatching time of these eggs is 2 days. Clear all the sources of water around your house because this might be the cause you are finding mosquitoes in your bedroom.

Use the magnetic door screens and magnetic window screen, which fit tight in the windows and doors. This will prevent the mosquitoes from entering your home. The screens are the best barriers for mosquitoes because they stop them from getting in your house.

  • Switch On A/C And Fan

Sleep with fan on full speed. Mosquitoes cannot fly around under heavy air waves and this is the best way you can adopt which prevents them from attacking while you are sleeping in your bedroom. You can also use the air conditioners as the mosquitoes do not prefer cold weather, they prefer heat.

  • Avoid Perfumes

Never use lotions and scented soaps. Mosquitoes are attracted to smell and they are also attracted to body odor too. So try not to use much perfumes and scents as the smell attracts the mosquitoes.

  • Use Mosquito Repellents

In case you are experiencing frequent mosquito attacks in your bedroom, you must apply mosquito repellent on your body. If a mosquito tries to bite you, it will have the taste of the repellent and it will run away. This is the best strategy for getting rid of mosquito attacks whether you are in your bedroom or somewhere else.

  • Electric Mosquito Repellents

There are many electric devices that are used as mosquito repellents. At night you can plug in these repellents and insert the mats in it. The fumes generated from the repellents kill the mosquitoes. You can also use the bug zapper light. At night you can place this light in your bedroom and shutdown the lights and leave the bug zapper on. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the light and when they will go near the zapper, they will be killed. You will have your bedroom all clear before you come to sleep.

You can try all these solutions to keep the mosquitoes away from your bedroom. Firstly, find the sources of their breed get rid of them and then go for other solutions. You will then have your bedroom free from mosquitoes and you will be protected in the best possible way.


Written by Shaoxing Genan Trade Co., Ltd

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