If you think that mosquitoes in your house are coming from outdoors, you might just want to give a second look to your house and its surrounding areas. Do you know that your house itself has many surrounding things that can be an attractive place for the mosquitoes to breed?

Common sources of mosquitoes

Let’s start from the backyard. Here is the list of possible things in a common homeowner’s backyard, which are home for mosquitoes:

  • The rot holes within trees
  • Swing made out of tire hanging there on the tree containing remains of rain water
  • Toys of your child containing water
  • Ponds of water
  • Leaky houses
  • Open trash can
  • Fountain or the bird bath
  • The water bowls for your pets
  • Any bucket or barrel that contains water
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Irrigated lawns
  • Potted plant saucers

You might be wondering how these things can be a source for mosquitoes to breed. You might haven’t noticed but they contain water and even if it is just a few drops of water, they are enough for mosquitoes to breed. Running water is not an attractive place for mosquitoes but standing water is. Even if you have a small pool in the backyard, it will also be a breeding space for them.

What to do?

Do you have any of these items there in your backyard and they contain water? If your answer is yes, then you do get rid of the standing water right away. Here are some steps that you can take on your own:

  • If it is buckets, containers, drums, water bowel or any other container, drain the standing water, clean them and flip them.
  • Make sure the garbage cans or the dust bins are covered so that mosquitoes do not enter
  • If you have a small/large swimming pool, make sure you chlorinate it. Use filter on regular basis to clean the water. When it is not in use, cover the pool tightly and make sure there is no standing water even on the cover
  • Change the water from the water bowls of your pets
  • In case you have bird baths, make sure you change the water once a week. You can also use the mosquito control dunks to keep the mosquitoes away.
  • The tree holes should be filled with mortar or sand.
  • If there are old tries there in the backyard, dispose them instead of keeping them. Make sure you buy a swing for your kid instead of letting the tire swing hanging there on the tree and let it be the source of mosquito breed
  • Check for clogged gutters and get them cleaned once a year for removing all the debris
  • Drain out the water from the flower pots
  • In case you have an Irrigated lawn, make sure water does keep standing for more than 5 days
  • Check for the leaky pipes and faucets and get them repaired

More Precautions

You are supposed to be extra careful after rain because that is the time you are going to be troubled by standing water the most. As soon as the rain stops, you must get rid of standing water from every possible place just to be sure you don’t make your house an attractive breeding space for the mosquitoes. Just to be sure that even if there is a mosquitoes outside, get magic fly screens and magnetic window screen installed so that you can make certain they stay outside the main door and windows of the house. This door will let the fresh air come inside the house but all the bugs will stay outside. These screens can easily fit the existing door of your house.

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